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Crocodile Blood Fights HIV | Crocodilebloodcapsules.com

Crocodile Blood Fights HIV

Crocodile is the specie that belongs to the family of Crocodylidae. It is a large rapacious reptile that has a long muzzle with huge jaws and teeth which people would like to call razor sharp, containing bony plates on their body. According to Australian scientists, crocodiles have a strong enough body to resist the so called drug penicillin, which is used to kill the bacteria and various other diseases. A scientist from the US has stated that the crocodile blood has the ability to cure itself because the blood of the crocodiles contains proteins in it.

Even if the crocodiles tear off each other’s limbs, they can still get cured and the process is very fast indeed and also infection proof. It is also observed that if we take two samples of HIV and add crocodile blood in one test tube, and human blood in the other, crocodile blood will have a greater effect than the human blood and can kill much greater number of HIV viral organisms.

The crocodile has an immune system that attaches to the bacteria and tears it apart, which can be stated as “putting a gun on the head of bacteria and pulling the trigger”. Well people may think by extracting blood from the croc is like putting a gun on your own head and pulling the trigger, but they should notice that the crocodiles have a large vein behind their head, also known as sinus from which it’s a simple matter of slurping out blood with a large needle and of course strapping the jaws.

Scientists have used the crocodile blood as antibiotics but it is also stated that this can be harmful for the human beings as it is too strong for our lacking strength bodies, but a large amount of crocodile blood has been collected to isolate those proteins hence developing a powerful drug for the humans. The scientists who have extracted the active proteins from the white blood cells of the crocodile have found that these active proteins can kill various diseases other than HIV such as AIDS, Cancer, Swine flu etc. Their blood also has an ability to fight diseases, fungi and bacteria. Such functions by blood are extremely rare and so crocodiles are very unusual animals, since their blood has the ability to do extraordinary things.

Crocodile blood has also been stated as an antibiotic and is also successful against oxacillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus. The crocodile blood is a clear human medical benefit according to the different researches. Crocodiles therefore are one of those animals who have the strongest immune system. The crocodile blood fights the bad bacteria by creating or tearing holes in the membranes. The crocodile blood contains extremely powerful antibodies that will eventually destroy any bacteria or disease that may try to come in its way, or that which may prove to be extremely harmful to the health of these vicious and strong reptile species.

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